World Class Hunting in Argentina

Welcome to Rancho Salvaje- the home of the finest duck hunting, high volume dove hunting, and big game hunting in Argentina.

Rancho Salvaje has been outfitting hunting trips to Argentina for more than 30 years. Daniel Zanuso, the owner and operator, was born and raised in Argentina and is a life-long hunter. I have been to Argentina 93 times and have accompanied hundreds of hunters from all over the world. My familiarity with the country, combined with Daniel’s knowledge and expertise, equals a truly personalized experience for you, the hunter.

Rancho Salvaje operates differently than other hunting outfitters. Daniel leases around 20 ranches throughout the country, making it possible for the hunters to take advantage of the concentration of game on each site. Since ducks and geese are migratory, it is important to be very mobile.

Argentina has a stable political environment, and a very favorable exchange rate. The US Dollar goes a lot further here. The Argentine people, unlike other South Americans, are very warm and welcoming to Americans. The USA has a good relationship with Argentina and this comes across to American visitors. Argentina is a first-world economy that maintains western standards for food and water quality. All the water supplies are safe, and the food is truly delicious.

Because of Argentina’s size and diversity of climates, the country is able to support a wide range of crops. To the hunter, this means a wide variety of birds and animals. Each year we add new ranches to our selection to choose from according to the water conditions. The outfitter scouts each day for the best bird locations.

We added a new feature to our organization: a dove special for Off-Season Hunting. I consider April and September to be the two best months for this special. Other months might be a little too hot for most hunters. I took a group of 8 people this past April for 4 days; they shot 15,500 doves. The only reason some of the hunters did not hunt the full 4 days was because they didn’t listen to me when I told them to put a hand towel on their shoulder for a cushion!


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