No matter how expensive or authentic looking it is, a decoy is only as effective as the hunter who uses it. As much as we may wish that the decoy could do all of the work, it can’t. It still takes a proper placement strategy to defeat the millions of years ducks have of evading their enemies. Our Argentina duck hunting facility provides you with many species to hunt but what you must bring are your skills, equipment and the proper knowledge of how to utilize both. Here are some strategies on making decoys more effective.

  • Place your decoy spread on a log: This placement suggests to ducks that are flyingOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA overhead the idea of serenity and contentment. Ducks often rest on logs in order to preen and rest. Just be sure to add a combination of active and feeder decoys to this setup. Our Argentina duck hunting facility provides plenty of opportunities for you to set up the perfect decoy spread.
  • Use a combination of full-body duck decoys and standard floaters in shallow water: This will increase the visibility of your spread.
  • Be sure your spread is visible: Think from the perspective of a duck flying overhead. Are your decoys obscured by trees, etc? Be sure that ducks can see your spread.
  • Spread out decoys in flooded timber: Ducks can become decoy shy. In order to avoid this, exploit the fact that birds pay attention to the movement in the trees and brush rather than openings where other ducks are.
  • When placing decoys for geese, give them room to land: Geese require more room to land than ducks. Make sure your spread gives geese room enough room to land so that they do not have to swim into your setup.
  • Make your decoys look as real as possible. This may cost you money but it will be well worth it. Supplement your spread with feeder, rester, and sleeper decoys in order to give yourself the edge over other hunters.

In the end, a decoy can either end up being an expensive toy or it can end up aiding you just as a good dog would. It all depends on how you set up your spread. Our facility provides a variety of duck species for hunters who are savvy enough to outwit their prey.