Duck hunters have long discovered something that high-end restaurants are discovering in all parts of the country – duck fat is culinary gold. Currently, this tasty and easily rendered fat is replacing butter, olive oil and other kinds of fats in all kinds of recipes. Additionally, duck fat is not only tasty and has a silky mouth feel, it has definite health benefits. For example, it has a saturated fat content of only 33% and an unsaturated fat content of 62% (13.7% of which is polyunsaturated fat, containing Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential oils). Duck fat’s other benefits include:


  • Duck fat is versatile
  • Duck fat has a high smoke point:
  • Duck fat has long-term freezability
  • Duck fact can be reused unlike butter or olive oil


However, despite its growing popularity, some people have never cooked with duck fat and people who currently do may not be aware of duck fat’s many uses. Here are just a few suggestions for its uses.

  1. Crisping poultry skin: Rub fat on the skin of chicken or other poultry to create a gleaming, golden crisp skin. This will keep the breast moist and succulent and will also create an extra-rich, full flavor.
  2. Use on vegetables: Vegetables you may wish to use duck fat on include onions and more.
  3. Popcorn: Yes adding duck fat to popcorn adds an additional depth of flavor to this classic American snack.
  4. Gascony Butter: Gascony butter is named for the region in France where the people enjoy low rates of heart diseases. You can make this spread by mixing rendered duck fat with chopped or minced garlic cloves. This can this be added to soups, melted over lamb chops, etc.
  5. Salad Dressing: Warmed duck fat makes an excellent salad dressing as it adds a savory character to hearty greens like frisée, radicchio, kale, endive and chards.
  6. Potatoes: Use duck fat to brown potatoes. The result will be an earthier tasting potato with a golden crust. Moreover, duck fat can be used on potato galette, roasted potatoes, pommes anna, hash browns, croquetas, sautéed fingerlings, mashed potatoes, etc.
  7. Pie crust: Using duck fat in pie crust will give it a rich, savory taste. 


There you have it. These are just a few ideas for how to use duck fat. There are many other suggestions and recipes for using duck fat all around the Internet. Argentina duck hunting at our facility carries with it the thrill of matching wits with this aquatic bird and then being able to render its fat for many uses. Also try Argentina big game hunting for another great challenge while you are in the country.