Everyone who handles a shotgun wants to improve his/her aim. Improving one’s aim increases one’s yield and makes for a safer and more rewarding hunt. However, as vital as practice is in achieving this goal, it can sometimes be frustrating when no visible progress can be seen. This is usually because the hunter has fallen into bad habits when practicing. Before you go Argentina wing shooting at our facility, we would like to offer you some tips on improving your aim.

  • Practice swinging and mounting: First use an unloaded gun. Do this to ensure that your posture is correct. Make sure that you stand up straight and that you never lower your face to the gun. Finally, lift your gun in an up and down, economical manner.
  • Elevate your elbow: Speaking of posture, properly align your gun by paying special attention to your elbow height and cheek alignment on the stock. If your target rises quickly, raise your elbow to correspond.
  • Make sure your gun fits properly: Go to a competent gun fitter for adjustment if you suspect that your aim is off.
  • Point, don’t aim: Your eyes will naturally follow a fleeing target. Wing shooting is about reacting to your prey’s movement.
  • Focus on the target and not the barrel or edge of your gun: Again, aiming will cause you to lose time in following a fast moving target.
  • Know the prey’s flight path and trajectory: This takes practice and a keen eye but will result in a higher yield and in knowing exactly when to pull the trigger.
  • Be ready to change your posture: When you get into a pattern of constantly missing the target, be open to the idea that your posture may need to be changed.
  • Consult an expert: Don’t be too proud to acknowledge that you may need help improving your aim from someone who is an expert. Take a lesson from a certified NSCA instructor. A competent instructor will help you discover and correct your errors and increase the efficiency of your practice so that you continue to improve.unnamed1

Our facility offers not only an opportunity for hunters to improve their aim and yield, it also provides them with excellent fly fishing in Argentina with a variety of species that are native to the country.