According to wild life experts, a deer’s nose has 297 million olfactory scent receptors. We have 5 million. Your dog has 220 million. For this reason you can say that deer are – in a way – lead by their noses. They use it when trying to find and attract mates, for foraging, for marking their territories, for detecting predators, etc. This is why every hunter must eventually master the use of scents, and lures and other attractants if he is to take advantage of this ultra-keen sense of smelling that makes humans look rather pathetic in comparison. At Argentina Bird Man, where our visitors are able to go Argentina red stag hunting, we would like to offer the following advice on the optimal use of scents.


Buck Urine: When bucks are in a rut they become particularly territorial and are actively on the lookout for what they perceive may be other male interlopers on their turf. There are a number of places on and offline to purchase quality urine. Use the urine in scent bombs around your stand, in scrapes and in high-traffic travel corridors.


Doe Urine: Just as males go into rut, so too do females. Doe urine entices male deer but it also puts them at ease perhaps enough to stop by your stand. For best results, hang several scent bombs with doe urine from saplings and on shrubs around your stand.


Doe-in-Estrus Urine: Use doe-in-estrus urine as an attractant within two weeks of the rut. Use it liberally on your stand and around your setup.


Tarsal glands: These glands – which are located on the inside of the hind leg at the knee – contain strong pheromones that give deer information about other individuals such as sex, age, health and dominance. The procedure for removing one for use as an attractant can be found on several sites including here.


General Usage Tips


Timing is everything in the use of scents for attracting deer. During Pre-rut use doe and dominant buck urine. Use doe-in-estrus urine during the rut. Finally, use curiosity scent (doe urine mixed with a food smell for, example) post rut. Remember also that the best scents will not help if you are ill-prepared for the hunt in others ways. There is no magic bullet (no pun intended) when it comes to attracting deer. It takes experience, planning, the right equipment and frankly a good amount of luck. Our Argentina big game hunting facility can supply you with the game; it’s up to you to supply the rest. Good luck and good hunting.