One thing that makes dogs so lovable is how completely spontaneous they are. They live their lives very much in the moment and in a way that many humans wish they could. And it is this spontaneity itself that endears them to us. However, these qualities are not so enjoyable in a hunting dog. In fact, they are outright counterproductive and dangerous to the dog, the owner and to other hunters. Hunting dogs need to be disciplined, obedient and reliable or they are no good on the hunt. That is why it is so important to begin training your dog early so that it can accompany you as you go duck hunting in Argentina. Here is a guide for training your dog to be the perfect duck hunting partner.img_0426

Train your dog to be obedient:  Obedience is the first and most important quality a hunting dog can have. The key is to begin training your dog when it is puppy so that you will always be able to get its attention immediately. There are a lot of distractions out there as you hunt and having a dog that is able to focus is important to its safety and well being. If necessary, enroll your dog in obedience training classes in order to supplement your own training.

Drill your dog on basic commands:  The most important of these commands is retrieve, come and stay. When retrieving, your dog needs to understand that it is to bring the object back to you immediately.  When coming the dog needs to understand how to not be distracted. Finally, you dog needs to understand the stay command as doing so can save its life while you are hunting or at home.

Don’t be afraid to use the training resources that are available:  There are many hunting dog training videos out there that can give specific training tips. They cover all the issues above plus they also delve into exploiting a dog’s breed when training it for hunting, whether or not to use an electric collar, common mistakes duck hunters make, etc.

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