A skilled hunter stealthily tracks his prey, quietly takes position, slowly aims his weapon, patiently takes his time and waits for his prey to be at its most still and then – takes the shot.  From there, the prey either falls immediately or runs off and a final round of tracking begins.  This is the case for shooting prey that eventually comes to a rest before the kill.  For wing shooting the dynamics are a argentina wing shootingbit different.  Wing shooting requires superior coordination, target acquisition and the ability to make quick decisions that are totally different from acquiring and bringing down a target that is stationary.  That is why knowing how to do it can be a great addition to any hunters set of skills.  Shooting only stationary (or relatively stationary targets) can masks errors in technique and gun handling not to mention other skills required to be a proficient hunter.  Wing shooting – that is the shooting of birds in flight – test and improves a hunter’s hand/eye coordination, reflexes and judgment.  Here are some tips and tricks to help you excel in one of the trickier aspects of hunting.

  • Safety first:  Always wear protective ear and eyewear when hunting.  Also make sure to leave your action open and your gun unloaded until you are ready to shoot.  Argentina wing shooting is an exhilarating sport and we require that all our clients observe all precautions while hunting in this country.
  • Position yourself correctly – elevate elbow: Just as shooting stationary targets, improper alignment when it comes to wing hunting can mean the difference between a hit and a miss.  Keep your head on the stock while pointing and firing.
  • Analyze flight path and shot position:  Study the habits and flight patterns of the birds you wish to hunt.  Often birds will fly with a slight curve, rise, angle or drop.  Watch until the target gives you the best opportunity to take your shot.  Only practice can enhance your ability to anticipate correctly and adjust to the animal.
  • Point, don’t aim:  Focus on the target instead of the gun barrel.  Aiming slows your swing.  Wing shooting is all about reaction.
  • Make sure your gun is properly fitted:  Be sure that your gun fits so that it shoots where you look.  Take your gun to a competent fitter if you are dissatisfied after testing it.

Argentina dove hunting presents an excellent opportunity for hunters to develop their wing shooting abilities plus it helps farmers in the country who consider doves to be great pest.  It is not big game hunting but is can be just as rewarding and some hunters have been known to bag hundreds of birds on a trip.